Skoda has just unveiled a new electric camper – meet Roadiaq

Skoda’s Vocational School has a tradition of creating a one-off concept cars as part of their apprentices’ training since the 2013/14 academic year. In previous years they created vehicles such as Sunroq, Mountiaq, and Afriq.

Today, 29 apprentices have now completed and unveiled the ninth student concept car – Roadiaq.

They spent more than 2,000 hours over the past 9 months turning the stock Enyaq into a mobile office that doubles as a camper – a perfect solution that would theoretically cater for digital nomads.

The Roadiaq is designed to operate seamlessly as a “normal” vehicle, but then transitioning to an office/living space when parked. Roadiaq is a sustainable, all-wheel-drive EV equipped with high speed internet connection, a 27‑inch monitor and a docking station, innovative storage solutions, electric plug sockets, and an get this, an espresso machine!

The base vehicle’s length of 4,649 millimetres and width of 1,879 millimetres have remained unchanged from the original Enyaq. The wheelbase has grown minimally, to 2,770 millimetres, and the ground clearance to 190 millimetres. At 2,050 millimetres the Roadiaq is more than 35 centimetres taller than the standard version, mainly due to the new roof section. In addition to a new roof structure, they developed a new tailgate that allows a tent to be attached. 

The reworked rear left door now offers more privacy in the sleeping area thanks to its window featuring a sun blind. Additionally, solar cells help generate energy for the living compartment, ensuring the vehicle maintains some range while off grid. The Roadiaq can also be connected to an EHU –  external power supply at campsites or motorhome parks.

Unfortunately, as with the previous models, this one is a one-off but I’m sure a good few digital nomads could see themselves using something like this.


Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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