Tesla officially launches its refreshed Model 3 (Highland) with some unexpected features

After months of speculation, whispers in the industry, and a few leaks that sent the automotive world into a frenzy, Tesla has officially pulled the covers off its new Model 3 (also known as Highland). This revamped version of the iconic electric sedan brings a plethora of changes, both inside and out, that are sure to excite both Tesla enthusiasts and potential buyers. Here’s a comprehensive look at what the new Model 3 has to offer.

Global Availability with a Twist The new Model 3 is now available for order in a wide range of regions, spanning from China to Europe, Australia, and other parts of the Asia-Pacific. Interestingly, Tesla has made the strategic decision to not release the Model 3 in Canada or the US for the year 2023. This move has raised eyebrows, but it’s clear that Tesla is targeting markets where the demand for electric vehicles is rapidly growing.

A Fresh Exterior Look  The Tesla Model 3 for the 2024 model year has undergone significant visual changes, especially on the bumpers and lights. The front end now features thin LED headlights with integrated daytime running lights positioned above a redesigned bumper. This bumper showcases sharper lines and a new lower grille opening. The rear has also been enhanced with new LED tail lights. Additionally, Tesla has introduced new wheel designs, including the 18-inch Photon wheels and the 19-inch Nova wheels. Potential customers will surely also appreciate the new wheel designs and the addition of two striking paint colors: the vibrant Ultra Red and the sleek Stealth Gray.


Revamped Interior: A Blend of Luxury and Technology Stepping inside the new Model 3, one is immediately greeted by a host of changes. The most noticeable is the steering wheel, which has done away with the traditional gear or turn signal stalks. Instead, Tesla has opted for touch buttons, a move that emphasizes the company’s push towards a minimalist and futuristic design. The center console, too, has been redesigned, now featuring more premium materials that elevate the car’s luxury feel.

While the main display retains its size, it now feels more expansive, thanks to slimmer bezels. Tesla has also enhanced its brightness and responsiveness, ensuring drivers have the best possible interface for all their needs. Rear passengers haven’t been forgotten either. They now have an 8-inch screen to interact with, ensuring entertainment for all occupants.

Other noteworthy interior upgrades include ambient lighting that sets the mood, ventilated seats for enhanced comfort, an upgraded sound system for audiophiles, and boosted Bluetooth and Wi-Fi performance for seamless connectivity.

A Quieter Ride Tesla has made significant strides in improving the acoustic experience inside the Model 3. Thanks to various enhancements, there’s a 30% reduction in wind and ambient noise, making highway drives more peaceful. Impact noise has been reduced by 25%, and road noise sees a 20% decrease. These changes promise a serene driving environment, allowing occupants to truly enjoy their journey.

Performance and Range While Tesla has not released detailed specifications for the refreshed Model 3, the range has supposedly increased by 11-12% in Europe. The Rear-Wheel Drive version can achieve up to 554 km (344 miles)  under the WLTP cycle, while the Long Range version with a larger battery and all-wheel drive is rated at 677 km (420 miles) . It remains unclear whether Tesla has incorporated a larger battery to achieve this extended range. However, Tesla said the aerodynamic drag coefficient has been reduced from 0.23 Cd to 0.219 Cd, which undoubtedly contributes to the increased range. The charging speed remains unchanged, however, with the standard version offering a maximum power of 170 kW and the Long Range version increasing it to 250 kW.

Pricing and Delivery The new Model 3 sees a price hike, with the RWD variant starting at 259,900 yuan (C$48,300/US$35,800) and the LR priced at 295,900 yuan (C$55,000/US$40,800). For those in China, they can expect their new Model 3 to be delivered in the fourth quarter of this year.


Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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