Upcoming Toyota SUVs in USA 2018-19

Toyota has finally unveiled its US version of new improved SUVs. Here is a list of several SUVs that Toyota is planning to launch in USA in 2018-19.

The All New 2018 Toyota C-HR

The All new C-HR will be available in the hybrid and manual transmission versions everywhere in the world but USA. The US market will have to do with just one powertrain choice and that is four cylinder with 2.0 litres and continuously variable transmission. Like the new Toyota Prius in 2016, the C-HR is also based on TNGA, i.e, Toyota’s New Global Architecture. It allows Toyotas of different shapes and sizes to share some common set of ideas and devices, engineering time and reducing time. This will help in making the product profitable. The new improved Toyota C-HR will be arriving to the US dealers in the spring  2017 and will begin the sale in the year 2018. The price is not announced yet but, according to the executives of the company, they are aiming for the starting price to be a little above $20,000.

2018 Toyota C-HR Photo Gallery :

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Ruggedly Charming 2019 FT-4X Concept

Ft-4X concept is Toyota’s new orange toolbox on wheels. Its design is the crossover of various cars like FJ Cruser, new C-HR, first generation Scion xB and Honda Element. The FT-4X embodies five elements in spades- design, inherent capabilities, charm and lineage. The car uses the looks of classic FJ40 Land Cruiser that inspires its style but doesn’t impact the design. The rear hatch of the car can swing up in one piece like a conventional hatchback. Like a Mini Cooper Clubman it opens outward like a barn door. The front and rear doors have water bottle builds along with ceiling mounted lights in the back that can be used as flashlight. The front door lights can be used as exterior beacon. The centre console can become the armrest and can also be used as a sleeping bag. The removable audio system and glove box surrounded by rotating air vent are other cool stuff that the car will be housing. Navigation can be controlled by the owner’s mobile that can be slided at the top of the digital gauge cluster. The release date and the price has not be unveiled yet, but it is expected to hit the market in late 2018 or early 2019 with the price similar to current Kia Soul.

2019 FT-4X Concept Photo Gallery :

The Aggressive 2018  Sequoia  TRD Sport

The already monstrous SUV gets a more aggressive look in the TRD sport model. It will be available in 2X4 and 4X4 configuration. Its upgraded suspension will be helping in handling the prowess of the car. The suspension will be featuring Bilstein shock absorbers and TRD antiroll bars. The TRD sport will have 20 inch black aluminium wheels. The black mirror caps, smoked twilight lenses and exterior badges continues the black visual theme. The exclusive grille and bumpers are adding to the looks of the car that will be powered by a 5.7 litres V8. It is supposed to hit the market in September 2018.

2018  Sequoia  TRD Sport Photo Gallery :


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