Zoomundo Aluminium Dog Transporter Box Review

This is a review of the Zoomundo Aluminium Dog Transporter Box


Made of aluminium the Zoomundo dog transporter box is a sturdy yet light weight travel crate at 13.5 kg. There is large grating to the sides of the crate, a small area to the back and across the whole door of the crate providing excellent ventilation.

The covered top as well as the vents provides a space for your dog that will make sure they do not overheat. You will however need to have a estate or van rather than a small hatchback to be able to use. Measuring in at a height of 72 cm, a width of 65 cm and a length of 91 cm, it only comes in one size option and would suit transporting medium to large breeds of dog.


Zoomundo Aluminium Dog Transporter Box

The design is said to be use a “trapezodial” base frame, into plain english meaning there is a slooping front to the crate. Allowing it it fit more easily into boot spaces that are big enough. The Zoomundo transporter box is very easy to assemble and easy to clean. What you do need to make sure is that you have good enough bedding or even or a non slip mat and the transporter as it is will be very slippy for your dog to travel in.

Zoomundo Aluminium Dog Transporter Box


The transporter is missing mounting ability to strap down the crate into place, however when the crate is assembled it is strong and sturdy, the door also bolts into place securely keeping your dog safe.


Pros & Cons

  • Well vented to prevent
  • Easy to clean
  • Simple to assemble and dissemble
  • Helps provide sun protection
  • Lightweight for a crate
  • No hoops, hooks or mounting points to secure it in the car
  • Slippy floor for car travel
  • Only comes in one size option

Conclusion & where to buy

Strong and sturdy, easy to clean and assemble dog crate for medium to large breed dogs.

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91 x 65 x 72 cm (LxWxH)


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