Review of Ellie-Bo Dog Travel Crate

This is a review of the Ellie-Bo Dog Travel Crate


Made of steel with black painted coating the crate is incredibly strong. Weighing 13Kgs and coming with a carry handle makes it easy to move around and stow away.

Ellie-Bo Dog Travel Crate

The crate comes flat packed and is easy to assemble simply pull up one side of the crate to open it out then you will be able to pull up the front and back sides of the crate from within the main frame. You can then clip the sides together. This does take a bit of strength as you have to manipulate the steel clamps over as picture below to secure the sides into place.

Ellie-Bo Dog Travel Crate

Once assembled you will find two doors to the crate one at the front and one to the side of the crate. Each door has two heavy duty latches to be pulled across to secure the doors closed. Personally It you only close one of the door latches and your pup decides to paw against the door of the crate it can make quite a loud clattery sound.

Ellie-Bo Dog Travel Crate

We have used the Ellie-Bo crate many times as a den for our dog at home. We have also used it in the car and with its box shape it fits well in the boot or back seat of your car. Over time the clean jet black paint does come away. There is not much that can be done about this as being a crate for a dog it needs to be robust in nature and personally the odd paint blemish does not distract away from the fact is an excellent quality crate.

From the teething puppy who has gnawed its way through a canvas crate to a safe and stable environment for an elderly dog you can not get more tough and robust that this crate. With a nice crate cover this crate once back at home can be easily converted into a spacious den for your favourite canine.

Pros & Cons

  • Very strong
  • Longlasting
  • Choice of crate sizes
  • Packs away easily
  • 2 doors to enter and exit
  • Great for use at home too
  • The black paint does come off over time
  • Careful not to trap fingers when assembling
  • Can be a little noisy putting together due to the clattering steel against steel

Conclusion & where to buy

One of the strongest dog travel crates available, providing a safe haven with two entry points and good ventilation. This is a great purchase for a dog owner from the day you bring your dog home as it will provide you with multiple uses not just car travel.

Ellie-Bo Silver 36 inch Deluxe Large 2 Door Folding Dog Puppy Cage with Faux Sheepskin Bed

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93 x 65 x 8.4 cm


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