Review of Foxwell NT301 Car Diagnostic Tool & Code Scanner

    This is a review of the Foxwell NT301 Car Engine Scanner and code reader tool.

    foxwell nt301 diy car diagnostic code scanner tool


    Technical Details
    Self Inflating
    Fits 3 Door
    Fits 5 Door
    Hand held
    Warranty length
    3 years
    Number of seats
    0 seats
    14.5 x 3.2 x 9.4 cm
    341 g
    Next Day Delivery
    Screen size
    3 inches

    We received this product, like the others, unboxed it and plugged it straight in to our OBDII connection in our Panda. We didn't have any warning lights on our dash but we thought we'd see what we could check with this diagnostic device.

    Here is what the product offers, we'll go through each bit in our review below mentioning how it works.

    The Foxwell NT301 is an advanced engine fault sensor it will not read faults from other parts of your car, if you have warning lights for ABS or airbags, this will not be able to see them nor remove the warnings. This is stated in the product description and we thought best to highlight this. We didn't have an ABS or airbag warning so didn't need to test for this.

    What this is perfect for is checking how your engine is running, we have a little bit of crud in the top of our engine where we add new oil, this is due to the previous owner only doing short distances and we wanted to see if anything would come up and nothing has, which is great. We've since changed oil filter, oil and do nothing but big miles in our little car now.

    foxwell nt301 diy car diagnostic code scanner tool

    Car Compatibility for Foxwell NT301
    Engine management diagnostics on ALL* 2001+ petrol and 2004+ diesel UK-sold cars
    (* - Passenger cars sold from new within the EU, with fewer than 10 seats and a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 2500kg)

    If you tick all of the above boxes, this device will work with you.

    Overall, the Foxwell NT301 is a really nice looking diagnostic tool, even with all of its buttons it is simple to use but feels a bit plasticy and not thoroughly durable, who knows what would happen if you dropped it. Saying that, you will only be using it for a few minutes at a time and then putting back away and it will more than withstand this.

    If you are after a device to check engine problems, check codes, car information and remove faults specifically for the engine, then this device will do just that.

    After that, it gets a bit difficult to use, it has a lot more buttons than others and the menu system is quite intensive. It doesn't help the instructions you get with the device don't offer much more.

    foxwell nt301 diy car diagnostic code scanner tool


    • Great looking device which will show you all your engine fault codes
    • Can clear engine fault codes using this diagnostic tool
    • Doesn't show and cant cancel error codes for everything, only engine faults
    • A lot of buttons which it may not need, some others are a lot simpler to use and do just as much
    • Instructions are poor, don't really instruct, only show you what you're already looking at

    A nice little device for any engine fault or check that you may want to do, you have quite a few options regards emission checks and car info but it doesn't do everything and costs a bit more than others.

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