2017 Toyota Camry Airbags, Safety Features, Safety Score


This car is well equipped to provide you and your loved ones with all the safety features that you require. This car is sleek and sophisticated with all the modern gadgets and technologies. It is a great car in terms of comfort, safety and style. It is compact and suitable for the city and free ways. This is one car which has been most awaited and looked forward for.  One just cannot miss the magic and grandeur of this car as it zooms by in all its glory.

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The manufacturers of this car have provided well for the safety of the passengers and driver of this car. Utmost attention and focus has been laid on this and for this purpose the car has been provided for with all the modern gadgets and digital technology. These safety technological gadgets are safe and reliable to use. And they work under work under almost any circumstance without any hiccups.

Read on to discover more about all of the safety features, air bags and safety score of this car.

Safety features of the 2017 Toyota Camry:

Check out the star safety system which is exclusive on the 2017 Toyota Camry car.  star safety system features include the following – enhanced vehicle stability control which helps the driver of this car to maintain stability of the vehicle no matter what the external conditions and it maintains better even balance; traction control; four wheel anti lock brake system which enables the vehicle to apply the brakes automatically before it comes headlong in to another obstacle; electronic brake force distribution which ensures that the breaks are distributed evenly on all the four wheels; brake assists; and smart stop technology. All of these features work in coordination in order to give the desired effect to the car.

2017 Toyota Camry Airbags:


This car also features ten air bags to protect the passengers I case of an emergency situation or some unforeseen accident. The driver’s seat features a driver air bag. All of the passenger seats on this car also features air bags. These seats have the provision to switch them all on or off whenever so desired as per the circumstances. These air bags are all part of the advanced air bag system.  The driver and front passenger seats also contain air bags at the sides in order to shield them from crashes inside caused by the external obstacle. Both the driver and passenger seats are also equipped with air bags at the knees in order to prevent damages to the knees and other joints of the leg. The rear part of the car is also provided with air bags so as to prevent major damages when the car is hit from the back. There also curtain air bags found near the front and rear windows. This is to prevent damage from being caused when the car is hit from the sides.

Other safety features of the 2017 Toyota Camry:

The other features of this much awaited car include the Whiplash Injury lessening seats for the driver and all of the passengers of the car. Three point seat belts to suit all of the seating positions of the passenger and river of the car and to ensure their complete safety. Emergency locking retractor on the side of the driver, and the automatic and emergency locking retractor found on all the passenger seats and seat belts. These features are induced to provide both the passengers and the driver automatic locking facilities when faced with danger.

The manufacturers of this car have also provided special safety precautions for children and these include lower anchors and tethers and also lower anchors on the outboard rear seats. The rear doors are also provided with child protector rear door locks and power window lockout controls.

The other additional safety features on this car includes the well know energy absorbing collapsible steering column, front and rear energy absorbing crumple zones, which absorbs all of the excess energy emitted by the car while in motion; the side impact door beams; tire pressure monitor system along with the notifications of the tire pressure currently existing; collision sensors; pre collision system; dynamic radar cruise control; lane departure alert; and auto high beams.

Safety scores of the 2017 Toyota Camry:

The all new 2017 Toyota Camry has received the highest ratings in safety and they have undergone the tests of the National Highway Traffic safety administration and it has earned five stars.


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