2017 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER Airbags, Safety Features, Safety Score

The all new 2017 Toyota Highlander is inbuilt for providing safety and security to the driver and passengers of this car. The manufacturers have provided this car with top notch safety technology and full protection. This car is one car which is designed for safety, to perfection.

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Read on to know more about the amazing features of the 2017 Toyota Highlander.

  • Air bags on the 2017 Toyota Highlander:

    The Toyota Highlander features 8 air bags. The driver and the front passenger are provided with dual air bags system, it also features dual side bags, a knee air bag for the driver, a front passenger seat cushion air bag, and roll sensing air bags for the other passengers of the car.

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  • The Toyota Safety sense:

This feature comprises of a collection of safety features which are very much active. And what’s more is that they are provided at no additional costs. These features are very innovative give full protection to the passengers and keep you save  and to ensure a stress free drive.

  • The Pre-collision system:

The Pre-collision system on the 2017 Toyota Highlander is an advanced safety system with special features to alert you before a possible collision. It is also capable of applying the brakes by itself in case you and the car come in direct contact with another object. It has inbuilt sensors to detect other objects and to prevent timely head on accidents of a very serious nature.

It features an integrated camera and laser which causes the alerts to be sounded to you using audio and visual alerts. If you have already applied the brakes, then it will use additional force to completely stop the vehicle. And if you do not apply the brakes at the right time, then it will apply the brakes for you.

  • Pedestrian detection on the 2017 Toyota Highlander:

This feature detects pedestrians on the move and prevents the driver of the car from hitting a pedestrian head on or causing injuries to the pedestrian. it is a surveillance system with sensors and laser beams which are ultra sensitive to make the detections.

  • Lane departure alert with steering assist on the 2017 Toyota Highlander:

The lane departure alert feature on this car is designed to alert the driver of the car if the car deviates form the road or lane on which it is supposed to be going on. For this it has an onboard single lens camera which senses and detects the position of the vehicle as per the white and yellow markings on the lane. It the driver departs from the lane then an audio and visual alert is sounded for the driver to be aware.

  • Automatic high beams:

This feature switches the beams between high and low automatically and as per the requirement of the driver of the car. It senses and detects the lights of the other vehicles and also the surrounding and it make s the changes to the headlights and tail lights of this car. This feature makes sure that the driver of the car has the maximum lights and visibility during the night time. This feature also has the  capacity to detect the pedestrians who are a little away from the car and thus prevents a collision to happen between the car and the pedestrian.

  • Dynamic radar cruise control on the 2017 Toyota Highlander:

This feature ensures that you have a much easier and comfortable cruise of the vehicle on the highways and it makes the whole process less tiring. The radar cruise control maintains a distance of the vehicle from the other vehicles. The speed range of the car can be preset by the driver before starting and this feature automatically maintains the speed limit of the car to the limit already set.

  • Vehicle stability control on the 2017 Toyota Highlander:

This system is great for preventing the wheels of the car from slipping and skidding sideways. The skidding of the wheels generally happens when the car is steered sharply at the corners and edges. When the sensors of the car senses a slip in the wheels, then it automatically applies the brakes on the car. The vehicle itself will take control and steer the car to the inner wheel.

  • The other features of this car:

The other features includes traction control over the car, anti lock brake system, electronic brake force distribution, brake assist, d smart stop technology, whiplash injury lessening seats, seatbelt warning sensors.


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