2019 Aston Martin DBX Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The New Crossover, 2019 Aston Martin DBX To Hit The Markets Soon


In the current scenario, any automobile company which wants to survive in the long run will have to come out with a good SUV car. Without a successful SUV in its kitty, it is almost impossible for any automobile brand to garner huge sales and meet its required profit margins. Aston Martin is well aware of this fact and therefore, as a part of its long term survival plans, the company has announced the launch of its first crossover vehicle 2019 Aston Martin DBX.

The designing, planning and production of the concept models of this car is complete, and it is expected that by 2019, the vehicle will be available in the showrooms and ready for sale to the customers. Initially, the  production and sale of this crossover SUV will be done to target the American and Chinese markets only. At later stages, the company may decide to expand to other world markets as well.

The designing of this new DBX model is being done so that it gives direct competition to the high end and luxury SUV s present in the market. This SUV from Aston Martin is going to be a direct competition to vehicles like Bentley Bentyaga, Lamborghini Urus, etc.

The company has been facing financial problems for almost a century now and with this new launch, the company is hoping to move forward and change its fortunes. Some of the highlight features of the new vehicle are going to be as follows:

  • The concept version of the car that has been developed and shown to the public by the company till now is an electric version. However, as per the information shared by the company officials, the gasoline versions of the vehicle will also be made available to the customers.
  • Another point of difference between the concept model and the actual vehicle is going to be that while the concept vehicle is a 3 door, the actual BDX is going to be a 5 door vehicle.
  • The higher seating position will be available in the top end GT version of the vehicle. This will make the car ore accessible and comfortable foremost everyone.

Some of the details of the vehicle, as released by the company about their new 2019 Aston Martin BDX are as follows:

The Platform Of The Vehicle

After initially considering the Mercedes-Benz platform, the company has decided to go with the revised version of its own new component set. This platform first appeared in the company’s DB 11 coupe. However, this time around, the platform is going to be built with aluminum. As mentioned above, there are going to be two major changes in the structure of the vehicle, the first being that instead of 3 doors, the vehicle is going to have 5 doors and the second is that the roofline will be a lot less coupe like, making it easier for passengers to fit in the back seat.

The Engine Of The Vehicle

The engine that will be fitted in the first launched models of the DBX will be a V8 Mercedes engine. It will come with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. This powerplant will help in generating a power of around 503 BPH. It is also expected that an option of the V12 engine may also be available to the customers. In that case, the power of the vehicle will increase to around 600 BHP.

Electrifying For The Future

The company has some very big plans for this vehicle. They expect this vehicle to be their ticket to becoming one of the top automakers in the world in the coming years, and therefore, they are leaving absolutely no stone unturned. Keeping in mind the future, the company is planning to launch as all electric version of this car somewhere in 2020. Besides this, a few other high performance versions of this vehicle are also being planned by the company simultaneously.

2019 Aston Martin DBX Estimated Arrival Date And Price

The production of the 2019 Aston Martin DBX has already started in Wales and is in full swing. Therefore, it would be fair to say that the company will be able to fulfill its promise of offering this vehicle up for sale to its customers in America and Chine in 2019. The finer variations of the vehicle may though take a little more time and hit the markets in 2020. As for the price of the vehicle, it is expected that the company will price this vehicle, keeping in mind the price of its competitor’s vehicles like Bentayga. Hence, you can expect this new crossover from Aston Martin to be available at a price somewhere in the range of $225,000.

We just hope that the company is able to keep all its promises, and the final matches the high expectations that the company has created in our minds about their new 2019 Aston Martin DBX.


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