2019 BMW M8 Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

BMW 8 Series Confirmed for Production

The 8 Series has been in rumors for a while, but the company refused to comment on any of it up until now. From 1989 now, this series of BMW, with cars like Bimmer, is regarded as one of the most daring yet interesting concept. It is also among one of the most desirable cars of 90’s. Ever since it has been discontinued fans have been waiting and demanding for it anxiously. Well, the wait is over! BMW unveiled an 8 Series concept car at 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este.

Something new or a replacement?

As this new automobile is setting its wheels in the market we will have to bid the 6 Series adieu. It has already happened once, back 30 years. As the production of 8 Series put the sales of 6 Series on the backburner. Hence it means it will be the same in 21st Century and that means the beautiful 6 Series Coupe will no longer be there.

Feel it up a little bit.

Scratching the ‘Surface’?

Just like the 6 Series this is also going to a much larger Coupe and Convertible, or The Gran Coupe. The front fascia isn’t really going to look like that of the concept we have been looking up before, the air dam is larger while the corners are totally different, also there is a rectangular opening to either side. Also, it appears that the company is trying to for a sporty look.

“Although concept cars receive serious modifications on their way to becoming production models the show car suggests that BMW will go with a sleek, sporty shape.”

-An Automobile Enthusiast and Expert

It also seems that the standard 8 Series will have a less aggressive front bumper and different wheels, and while some of the modern BMW convertibles have used folding hardtops, the 8 Series will use a conventional soft top.

What’s the interior like?

If you are thinking that the interior is totally inspired from the 7 Series you’ll be proved to be dead wrong. While the dash has nothing sort of the carbon-fiber stack futuristic approach, or a fancy steering, it is still as production ready as they could get. While the new infotainment is going to make it into the design. Needless to say, BMW has focused on the luxury with Merino Leather, and redesigned operational system. While BMW didn’t comment on the comfort of the rear seats, most probably it is going to have a little bit more of legroom than the 6 Series, but the headroom is going to be an issue for tall rear passenger due to the sloping roofline, when it is closed.

Let’s have a peek inside

The Engine will be having two variants just like the 7 Series i.e., 840i and 850i xDrive but better than before. The 840i will be having a DME 8.8 or more, with BMW Twin Power Turbo giving 380 horsepower with 5,300-6,600 RPM and torque of 330 pounds-feet at the rate of 1400 RPM. It will have the top speed of 165 mph with the ability to reach 60 mph in the range of 5.0 seconds. The other option will provide us with the fuel management system of DME 8.8 or more, with BMW Twin Power Turbo V-8 supporting 460 horsepower with 5,500-6,000 RPM and engine torque of 480 pound-feet at the rate of 1,800 – 4,600 RPM. It is giving us around the same top speed of 160 mph but a short range of 4 seconds to reach 60 mph.

The Price Tag

While the 7 Series starts from $81,000 in the U.S. and the Mercedes Benz S550 retails from $122,800, which is also a Gran Coupe. SO apparently this car has a pretty wide range to stop in for its own starting price but it is still expected that the company is going to make it a little more affordable so maybe the customers are going to get their Christmas early? In Europe, the diesel range could start from around €110,000.

Is it competent enough?

As compared beforehand in the pricing topic, the S-Class Coupe is the one of the main reasons of the launch of 8 Series. While the S-Class coupe shares most of its features with Sedan Class, but a significantly sporty short rear design being short in the deck-lid, slender taillights, and a sportier bumper. While the luxury and looks are being chased and beat by the Lexus LC 500, the masculine aura of Bentley Continental GT is a charm on its own. So, while it will have quite a grand entrance in the market it will face a fiercer competition too.

The Conclusion

The 8 Series will fit greatly in the trend and will be making quite a population proudly happy. It will prove to be pretty tough to be on the top.


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