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Last of the Generation GS?

It has been a while since we are hearing the rumors that the LAST car of the GS generation, by the luxury vehicle division Lexus under the Japanese car maker company Toyota, is going to set its wheels on the roads in 2019. This generation has been since 2011 but was recently, seriously upgraded in 2015 and it’s quite catchy among the mid-size cars.

While firstly the talk was that its debut is in 2018. But apparently the magazine MAG-X claims company was worried that overlapping the dates with their newest model of LS, which was debuted in January at the Detroit Auto Show, may be a loss on their sales hence the shift of a year or two.

It seems this model is either going to get dissolved under the ES model of the company, which in a way makes a lot of sense as GS sales until now has almost been next to none in front of their ES model, or it could be the overdue replacement of Mark X. This model is apparently not among the favorite for some important people of company either.

“I didn’t want this car. Regional management teams fought me like crazy.”

Was the statement of Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation, in an interview with Automotive News, during the launch in 2011.


The car in question was seen getting tested near the Nürburgring. While it was a hybrid with a yellow tape on the back window used specifically for safe hybrid testing. But for now, we are going to assume that it is the NEW GS model of Lexus.


2019 Lexus GS Features and Specifications


Take a look at the Exterior – 2019 Lexus GS Exterior

As far as the looks are concerned, this car is going to be all about smoothness with a subtle touch of masculinity. For the starters, in the front maybe the spindle grill is going to be too old fashioned for this car and Lexus is going to introduce a completely different layout. The back is going to be fast-back style rear-end. The taillights are a little taller in the end but not extended to the back-lid. The side is nothing new but still the smoothness gives it a sophisticated look with a sense of, as mentioned before, subtle masculinity near the front wheels. Nevertheless, the exterior is going to present quite a different look as compared to other GS models till now, but considering, it is going to compete with the design of Mercedes E-Class, it is going to be quite fitting.


Have a look inside – 2019 Lexus GS Interior

The interior as the trend goes with Lexus is going to be made keeping the luxury and comfort in mind. So beautiful and creative, work of leather and wood is expected.

“This is a Lexus and it’s all about luxury, so expect to see healthy doses of wood and leather inside, just like you see in the 2016 Lexus GS above.”

-An Automobile Enthusiast and Expert

The infotainment screen is already pretty large, so nothing much different is being expected there. The HVAC controls are going to be smaller than before whereas the console is going to be completely redesigned. The dash is going to get smaller too, with more defined lines to get a wraparound look.



Know what you are driving – Drivetrain

The current GS model offers a 2.0 L, turbocharged four bangers giving a horse power of 241 and 258 pound-feet torque. The other variant is the 3.5 L V-6 that’s good for 311 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A Hybrid option pairs that same 3.5 L with a battery and electric motor to push power output up to 338 horsepower. The upcoming GS is rumored to have a 4.0 L, twin-turbo V-8 that comes with 590 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque, meaning that the new model is going to be having a drastic improvement of 123 horsepower and around 100 pound-feet torque. Then that means the top speed will be around 180 mph and should be able to reach 60 mph in around low four-second range.


How much is it going to cost you? Lexus GS 2019 Price

The GS lineup of all variants despite all the changes is not expected to move much higher. Starting out at $46,300 for Turbo RWD, a little higher would be the 350 RWD with a price tag of $50,700. Get yourself a RWD 450h and you are paying $63,600 which is costliest of them all. The F-sport lineup is available for $54,000 – $55,000 for RWD versions of Turbo or 350.



Still these are just mere speculations of the assumed GS upcoming model, as like most of the popular and good companies, Lexus, is pretty tightlipped regarding these matters, and not ready to comment much on any news or rumor of their upcoming automobile model, so we will just have to wait and watch.


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