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The Fit has been available I’m the market from the year 2014. It is a small hatchback somewhat like the Honda Jazz, that Honda introduced a few years back. It is a low on cost, easy to drive a car and this is what made it so popular. It is the perfect family car. The driving simplicity along with the low cost of the car has made it one of the most popular hatchback models introduced by the company. To keep it up with the growing competition the makers a few months ago tweaked the car a bit but weren’t able to achieve what they precisely hoped for. This makes us wonder what they are going to add to the 2020 Honda Fit to make it stand up to the competition. There are hardly any details yet about the upcoming upgrade and there are very fewer chances that we will get our hands on the precise details in the proximate future. It seems that the revise is definitely going to add a new engine to the car along with some other effective changes. Honda is definitely going to somehow try to make the car, even more, user-friendly. The major reason behind the changes is that Honda wants the Fit to become a sporty subcompact MPV, which they always intended it to be.

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2020 Honda Fit Exterior

From the time when the Honda Fit was first introduced not many changes have been made to its exterior design. In the recent update that happened in 2018, only a few things were changed, new rear bumpers and new front lights were introduced. The added features definitely made it look a lot closer to a sports MPV. It seems to us that the makers are not planning anything major in terms of the exterior of the 2020 Honda Fit and they might just stick with the overall design. The only mentionable upgrade that might be added is that the front end of the car might be changed to look more like the Honda Civic, other than there are just going to be some minor changes here and there.

2020 Honda Fit Interior

Although there are going to be some considerable changes made to the interiors of the 2020 Honda Fit, it is most possibly still going to have the same simplistic layout as the older model. The makers won’t like to change the very feature that made this car so likable in the segment. Still, we don’t expect to see any drastic changes on the inside. For its price range, one can’t expect much but one thing is sure that , he interior of this vehicle is going to be well organized. Hence the driving experience will only get better. Some rumors have suggested that it is possible that we might see a new infotainment system been installed on the Honda Fit along with other new features. The infotainment system is going to make use of the latest technology. Although nothing is sure as this is all gossips, everything depends on the choices that the makers make but we hope that the infotainment system gets an upgrade on the 2020 Honda Fit.


The present model of the Honda Fit that is on sale in the United States is fitted with a  1.5 liter normally aspirated engine that is capable of delivering an idle torque of 114 lb-feet and around 130 horsepower. Although these figures don’t seem to be the best still the car manages to do just fine with the power it gets. This also leads to an increase in the economy of the car as it uses up less gas. It seems that Honda has realized that it needs to improve the performance of the car to keep it in the market. We expect to see a better engine on the 2020 Honda Fit which will give it some extra boost while maintaining the power and economy balance. Rumors suggest that the 2020 Honda Fit is most probably going to come with an all-new one-liter turbo engine.


Considering that the present model was revised just a few months ago it won’t be wrong to assume that the 2020 Honda Fit  is not going to strike the market at least for another year or more and one more thing that can be stated surely is that the new model isn’t going to cost a lot more than the present model. One can easily estimate the base model to cost somewhere around seventeen thousand dollars at max. This price tag will definitely make it a great choice in this segment.

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