Toyota Camry 2020 LE Features, Price, Interior, and Review

Looking for a hybrid car that fits your wallet and is eco-friendly? You have come to the right place. Today, we are going to discuss the features of Toyota Camry 2020.

The 2020 model of the Camry Hybrid lineup has three hybrid trim options – Camry Hybrid LE, Hybrid SE, and Hybrid XLE.

Many people are waiting for some insight that can give them an idea regarding the Toyota Camry Hybrid LE. Continue reading as we’ll mention all we know about the vehicle as of yet.

Toyota Camry 2020 LE features

You can expect all the standard features from the previous Toyota Camry model, but the new model of 2020 contains more desirable characters. 2020 model of Toyota Camry has the following features that every driver and car lover desires.

Heating and Cooling System

Some countries or regions worldwide face extreme weather due to which car manufacturers add heating and cooling systems in a car. Toyota Camry 2020 has a dual region climate controller with an electric compressor, air filter, and humidity sensor. How amazing is that?

Engine Performance

2020 Toyota Camry carries four-cylinder engines with a horsepower of 203 @ 6600 rpm. The transmission of the engine is automatic, with a turning diameter of 38 inches. Engine performance of 2020 Camry hybrid MPG brings sufficient sound insulation to keep the noise of the wind and rough roads at bay. 

Fuel Consumption

Your engine will run rough because the engine will not get enough fuel. This means the mileage of gas will decrease gradually.

The fuel efficiency of 2020 Camry Hybrid with 2.5-liter gasoline in an engine is 39 MPG (miles per gallon) on a highway road, but its efficiency is 28 MPG on the city streets.

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Safety Features

2020 Toyota Camry safety rating is better than previous models due to the amazing technologies meeting the ideal safety standards. Advanced features of safety technology in the 2020 Toyota Camry include.


  • Driver airbag
  • Front head and side airbag
  • Rear head and side airbag
  • Passenger airbag


  • 4-Wheel disc brakes
  • 4-Wheel ABS

Other Safety Features

  • Daytime running lights
  • Lane exit warning
  • Child safety lock
  • Lane-keeping help
  • Electronic stability controller
  • Traction Controller
  • Anti-Thief system

Manufacturers have added these features to the 2020 Toyota Camry Hybrid to give you more confidence while driving. The 2020 Toyota Camry anti theft system features also secure you from thieves and lowers the risk of damage in case of an accident.

Interior of Toyota Camry

The 2020 Toyota Camry’s features mentioned above will help enjoy the ultimate driving experience with comfort while adding to its appearance. Here are some main features of the 2020 Toyota Camry hybrid LE interior design that you must know.

2020 toyota camry hybrid le interior
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We all look for a car with features like leather-wrapped steering, comfortable seats, smooth control over the steering wheel, etc. Hence, 2020 Toyota Camry has all these features and provides a comfortable ride for both driver and passengers.


The most substantial advantage of the 2020 Toyota Camry is that it is suitable for almost everyone. You may find the 2020 Toyota Camry with several features that offer convenience, such as rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot/ backup monitors, cruise control, Auto-off headlights, adjustable steering wheels, intermittent wipers, and driver vanity mirror.


2020 Toyota Camry model has the following dimensions:

  • 72.4 inches width,
  • 192.7 inches overall length, and
  • 56.9 inches general height.

Before purchasing the 2020 Toyota Camry, we would advise you to assess if the model offers the space you desire.

Wheels and Tires

The advanced model of Toyota Camry has the looks and performance everyone wants. The Camry comes with tires-rear and tires-front performance with aluminum wheels. It improves the steering’s response, and with a tire pressure monitoring system, you can monitor the air pressure of the tires.

The tire pressure monitoring system provides real-time information about air pressure through a warning light or a pictogram display.

Toyota Camry 2020 LE price

While purchasing Toyota Camry 2020, you may find different deals like lease deals, cashback deals, and finance deals. All of them vary according to the city you are currently living in. However, the 2020 Toyota Camry’s average price is $24,425, which is quite reasonable compared to rival companies.


We have mentioned all the features of this vehicle we know so far. Once it hits the market, you can get a better look at the 2020 Camry Hybrid and determine whether it delivers what it promises.


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