Best Travel Dog Bowls

In this guide we look at pet travel bowls, mainly dog travel bowls but any pet travelling could potentially use them. All items we have reviewed and tested are BPA free when plastic, dishwasher safe, food-grade stainless steel and pass all requirements.

When we take a dog and pet travel bowl with us, we always take a separate water bottle for them, our little pup has his own glass water bottle that stays in the car at all times. Why glass? Well, it’s recycleable and because we don’t carry it around, it stays in the back seats it won’t be dropped anywhere and we know that you’ll always get the freshest and cleanest drink of water from a glass source. Another thing that you may require is a food container to keep a certain supply of food in, for large journeys or a specific time away we recommend a food container which is lightweight, food grade material and something that can hold as much food as you need. There are plenty of options on Amazon that may fit you and your dogs requirements.

What things are we looking for in a dog travel bowl? Well, with our normal steel and ceramic dog food and water bowls at home, if in a moving car, they can spill, move and slide around and generally create a mess. The first thing we are looking for is to completely stop this mess and then make it transportable or any other neat features that they may have to help with travelling, let’s see what we find in our dog travel bowl guide below.

Whether you are interested in using this for big car journeys, camping or hiking out with your best friend, they’re going to need to stop, do their business and refuel. This is one of the most important parts of travelling and being out with your four legged friend, just with yourself, when you need a drink and some energy, it’s good to make it as easy as possible for both of you.

The best dog travel bowl we have tested isn’t actually a single setup but a couple of products, the Prestige Road Refresher and the EasyPets Roll n Go Travel Bowl.

This guide reviewed some seriously good pet travel bowls and we seriously struggled to work out the best of the lot, they were all very functional and perfect for different scenarios, so it is unfair to compare them on the same tasks. Whether you are interested in taking a dog bowl out on big car adventures, or for camping or even out in the wilderness and hiking with your best friend, you’ll have different requirements.

The Prestige and EasyPets are two different types of travel dog bowls but both do their jobs fantastically. The simplest way to distinguish them is that if you want something for car journeys and long travel not on foot, then the Prestige is the best dog travel for car journeys and especially if you keep it in a moving car and also if your dog slobers everywhere or a messy drinkers of water. The clever design with the plastic floating tray which holds the bulk of the water below it means that you won’t be having to deal with a messy or wet car area.

The EasyPets RollnGo is a lighter travel pet bowl and from it’s design, is best used for travel on foot or where you need to question items you are carrying with you and their weight. It rolls up in to a tiny size and you can add both food and water to it at the same time, for any size dog too.

If you want something that is cheap, packs away light and can hold both water and food, the Mudder silicone collapsible bowls may be what you are after. For there price, they are a fantastic and we clip ours to the dogs lead and take it with us for small journeys or get-aways.

We have put the collapsible silicone and the Youthink pot system in joint third as they are both fantastic dog bowls and shouldn’t be ignored.

Even though this is further down the list, the Youthink pet pot system is still a fantastic travel system, if you need or keep food in it or water because your dog doesn’t finish it’s food off then this is for you. It is made of stainless steel and food grade plastic and is even dishwasher safe. What we love about this one is that you can use it for camping or something similar and being outdoors, you can protect the food if your dog doesn’t finish it all and save it for later in the same spot in a completely sealed unit.

We also have the RuiChy but in green and orange and is a fantastic little food bowl, we have used it for water occasionally but only when he really needs it. It zips up in to a small pack which is great for portability and the price can’t be beaten.

Check price @ AmazonRoad Refresher Non Spill Travel Dog Bowl1400ml250 g4.6/5£££
Check price @ AmazonEasyPets Roll Up Travel Dog Bowls1200ml249 g5/5£££
Check price @ AmazonMudder Silicone Pet Travel Bowls400ml141 g4.4/5£
Check price @ AmazonYouthink Collapsible Pots Pet Travel Bowls1000ml620 g4.6/6£££
Check price @ AmazonPetGear Non Slip Travel Dog Bowl1000ml210 g4.1/5££
Check price @ AmazonRuiChy Fabric Pet Travel Bowl4/5£

Review of Road Refresher Non Spill Travel Dog Bowl

This is a review of the Road Refresher Travel Dog Bowl.

Check price @ Amazon

prestige road refresher travel dog bowl

Technical DetailsSeasonall seasonsPortableYesFits 3 DoorYesFits 5 DoorYesWaterproofYesRating4.6/5Price£££Capacity1400mlHand heldYesWarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandPrestigeCategorycatdogNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions(Large) 24 x 10 cm (Small) 19 x 8cmWeight250 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The Road Refresher pet travel bowl has been cleverly designed to prevent spillage. It comes as three parts, there is the main bowl itself and on top of this is an inner floating bowl with three holes in which only allows one mouth full of water at a time when your dog is taking in water, so there is only enough water to drink and this is how it gets around with the spillage and overflowing. What is also great is the floating compartment moves down the larger bowl with the water so continues to fill up slowly so your dog does not need to push the compartment down to get water it will do this automatically till the bowl is empty. As the bowl comes in two size options of small and large it can be used for dogs of varying sizes and breeds. The large has a 120mm wide drinking hole and 1.4L water volume and the small has a 9cm wide drinking hole with a 0.6L water volume.

The rim that goes on to the top of the bowl makes the actual access to the water bowl smaller meaning no long ears or beards are going to get wet in the process it means your dog is less likely to slobber water everywhere and especially when travelling in the car it is helpful to keep areas clean and dry. The only downside I have found to the rim is that our cocker spaniel enjoys chewing things, especially hard plastic so the rim has had a few nibbles in it, you can get around this by just removing the bowl when your car is moving.

The rim also means that if the bowl is knocked or kicked there is less of a chance water is going to spill out as well as the inner floating compartment which acts as an extra barrier only letting a small amount of water through.

It doesn’t fold away, however this bowl has the ability to be transported as it is and with water in because if you are driving along and hit the brakes there is not enough water in the drinking section to be able to reach up and over the rim to come out.

One of the best features of this dog travel bowl is that it comes with a velcro base, which means that is absolutely perfect for a boot space in a car or anywhere else with a carpet. So just like the water inside it won’t move about due to it’s design.Pros

  • Comes in two different sizes
  • Reduces spills
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Uses a heat resistant polypropylene
  • Easy to put together
  • Prevents slobber going everywhere
  • The rim prevents long ears and beard getting into the water
  • Has a velcro bottom so will stick down to most carpeted surfaces in your car or camper van


  • Does not easily pack away
  • Not suitable for puppies and dogs that like to chew


The Road Refresher is a fantastically designed travel bowl, it doesn’t fold up and isn’t for big chewers but otherwise provides your dog access to water on the move with no spillage, fuss or mess.

Review of EasyPets Roll Up Travel Dog Bowls

This is a review of the roll-up silicone dog travel bowls by EasyPets. A unique design with a material we are seeing more and more in the food world. We give it a whirl to see how it compares to the other new and tried and tested travel dog bowls out there.

easypets silicone pet travel dog bowls

This unique approach to a travel pet bowl is quite ingenious, a simple idea for a pet bowl, un-roll the silicone set and out pops two food or water trays at 600ml capacity each. We have tested a few different pet and dog travel bowls now and this seems like a fantastic idea. The product creator calls it innovative, practical and fun, and you know what, we totally agree with this statement.

As you can see with the illustration above, it rolls away, clips in to itself and ends up being a tiny 26 x 6 x 5cm in size, perfect to add to a travel bag for your loved one or put in a small compartment near where your dog is in your car. It even comes with it’s own little carry bag so if its still a bit wet or has some food on it then that can all be kept together. What we think is really clever is the pop up food and water trays, because they are made of food grade silicone, they just flatten as you roll the mat up and are out of the way.

This rolls down in to a smaller space than a fold away umbrella and only weighs less than a quarter of a kilo. Even though it’s a small setup it’s cleverly designed and would suit any dog size from small to large, we have a medium cocker spaniel cross and this held enough food and water for him for our energy and water stops whilst on the road.

Unlike the Youthink pot system it doesn’t hold it’s food over time so you can’t store that away if your dog doesn’t eat it all. As well, with the Prestige Road Refresher you know that the water you add to the bowl will stay there, with this, you can’t leave this out in the back of your car as the water will easily spill out no matter how slowly you drive.Pros

  • Folds away in to a small size
  • BPA free and food grade silicone is used
  • Very light dog travel bowl that you can take pretty much anywhere with you
  • Two bowls are connected to the silicone tray
  • Comes with a spill tray attached so that anything that goes over the edge should also be hoovered up by your dog


  • You can’t store food in it if your dog doesn’t eat it all
  • If you want to keep it in the back whilst driving about, water will spill out


No matter how you are travelling this could be great for you and your dogs needs. Even hiking out on trails or on a big car adventure somewhere new. Just throw it down on the floor, fill up with your dogs favourite food and some water and they’re good to go.

Review of Mudder Silicone Pet Travel Bowls

A review of 2 collapsible silicone dog and pet travel water and food bowls. These cool little things are made from silicone, soft to touch, pack flat and come with a little carabiner so you can attach them to your dog bag or even a dog lead.

mudder collapsible dog travel bowl

Technical DetailsPortableYesWaterproofYesRating4.4/5Price£Capacity400mlHand heldYesWarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandMudderCategorycatdogNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions13 x 5.5cmWeight141 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The Mudder Pet silicone collapsible travel bowls come as a pack of two, one in black and one in orange with each having a metal carabiner attachment. The bowls when upright are sturdy and robust. I would say these have the potential to last you several years of camping in good condition as long as your dog doesn’t get a taste for them.

The bowls are made from a food safe silicone and BPA free material. The bowls are collapsible making them flat packed when not in use. What is great about these, they really are water tight and can be easily wiped down after a meal or drink, which means they are easy to keep in the car or wherever you want to put them.

The bowls are suitable for small to medium sized dog breeds, you could use both bowls to suit a larger dog for water, however you would be better just purchasing a larger bowl for ease of use. The carabiners are a handy extra to the bowls to attach to a pet travel box or inside a crate or your dogs travel bag.

Make sure to fully extend the bowl out when you intend to use it as I didn’t do this on one occasion and water spilled over the floor as I had not extended it fully upright. Once in this position though, although made of silicone they are pretty sturdy and don’t fall over, even when full, which is handy. They aren’t meant for use on the move though in the back of a car as the base is narrower than the top so they could topple.Pros

  • Comes as a pack of two
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable to hold food or water
  • Compacts down to be stored away easily
  • Easy to clean
  • Come with metal carabiner for ease of travel
  • Reasonable price
  • Longevity
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime


  • Not a way to transport food or water but to be poured into
  • Make sure to fully extend upright before use
  • Not suited for large dogs


The Mudder silicone travel bowls are a fantastic addition to a car camping dog owner family. Easy to rinse, to use and to store away flat when not required. They are a great price and you get two for food and water and perfect to get out, fill with your dogs meal and then great to pack away again.

Review of Youthink Collapsible Pots Pet Travel Bowls

This is a review of the Youthink collapsible pots pet bowls for travel. A tiered pot system made out of stainless steel for your dog, cat or other pet that may be travelling with you in your car.

Check price @ Amazon

youthink collapsible pet travel pet bowls

Technical DetailsPortableYesWaterproofYesRating4.6/6Price£££Capacity1000mlHand heldYesWarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandYouthinkCategorycatdogNumber of seats1 seatsWeight620 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The Youthink pet travel bowls are a stacked system of bowls in a beautiful light blue colour and made from a food grade stainless steel. I absolutely love the design, it is environmentally friendly and stackable making it easy to store. It’s sort of like a camping setup but made for your pets whilst traveling in the car.

With both bowls made from stainless steel they are easy to clean and can even be washed in the dishwasher. With this property it means that they can also have warm or hot food put in them if that is what you feed your dog. To the base of the top bowl and the lid is a silicone seal with rubber seal providing a fully leak proof system when stacked.

We tested this out

There is no non slip base to the bowls so once the bowls are unstacked they may be tipped over or move along the floor if your dog tends to push the bowl along. The bowls are quite deep in size which is surprising when you see how compact it looks from the outside.

The bottom bowl is a little larger so that if you have a small to medium size dog you have the option to use the bottom bowl for food and the top for water. If you have a large dog you could always just use the bottom bowl for water and then the top bowl for some dog treats or poo bags.

The bowls also have rubber vent plugs so that they can be easily taken apart with out pressure build up. Once you have them stacked they are easily to seal, simply turn them clockwise to lock and then to re-open turn them anti-clockwise.

There is also an invisible folded down carry handle on the lid making it easy to transport your travel bowls to and from the car or out when you are car camping. It’s full dimensions are 12cm width and when stacked just over 16cm tall, it also only weighs 620g which isn’t too heavy considering the multi bowl system.

Youthink also provide a 30 day money back or replacement option if you are not happy with it, which I think is a great attribute for a seller.Pros

  • Made of food grade strong stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Can store food and water for small to medium size dogs
  • Leak proof when sealed and locked together
  • Invisible handle to top of the bowls
  • Deep sized bowls
  • Eco friendly
  • 30 day return or replacement option
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • Makes a great gift for a dog lover/ pet owner


  • A little pricier than other travel bowls available
  • No non slip base or spillage protection when bowls open


The Youthink pet travel bowl system will set you back just a little more in price compared to the others, however they are sturdy, beautiful, eco friendly, easy to clean and easily transport all your dogs food and water for a small to medium dog on a long journey.

What we really love is that if you stop for a toilet break and you feed and water your dog and they don’t eat it, then you can just leave the food in it’s pot and connect back up and save for later.

This would make a great gift for a dog lover or someone who adores their pets.

Review of PetGear Non Slip Travel Dog Bowl

This is a review of the PetGear non slip travel dog bowl, a simple plastic non slip dog bowl aimed at travel.

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petgear travel dog pet bowl

Technical DetailsSeasonall seasonsPortableYesWaterproofYesRating4.1/5Price££Capacity1000mlWarrantyNoVehiclecarsuvtruckvanBrandPetGearCategorycatdogNumber of seats1 seatsDimensions26 x 26 x 8.5cmWeight210 gWashableNoNext Day DeliveryYesStar rating

The PetGear non slip travel bowl comes via a speedy next day delivery from Amazon UK. Packaged well except for the label which for some reason has been stuck to the inside of the bowl meaning you have to spend time removing before you can use as an actual dpg bowl, we all know how much our dogs love chewing on paper, card and random things but not this time pooch!

The bowl is a fairly simple design and easy to fill with water. Its overall appearance is larger than I was expecting, it’s 26cm wide and 8.5cm tall. The bowl itself is very lightweight and a is made of a thin plastic material. It would not take much to break it or long to chew through if your pup enjoys doing that sort of thing (like ours).

Saying that the non slip base makes it quite stable while moving or if knocked, the water will stay inside the bowl, mostly, due to this feature and the non spill rim helps with this too. It isn’t as effective as the Prestige Road Refresher but it still helps.

It only comes in black and the only real feature for travelling we have noticed is the lip comes back over and in to the middle creating a smaller entry hole to eat or drink from and to stop water spilling out. We feel this is much more suited to food than it is water if you wish to leave it in the back of your car.

It is let down by it’s size, so yes you can use this for any size dog, including larger breeds, but it isn’t packed down easily or hidden away in a travel bag. It’s a similar size or even bigger than that of usual dog bowls used at home. We actually use two bowls for our dog in the home and they’re both smaller than this and he’s a medium sized cocker spaniel cross.Pros

  • Lightweight
  • Has non spill rim
  • Non slip base
  • Next day delivery with Amazon Prime
  • The lid which makes it non-spill can come off for easy cleaning
  • Has a finger slot underneath the bowl so that you can easily pick it up on any surface


  • Only available in black
  • The bowl may be too light
  • Sticky label placed inside bowl and awkward to remove
  • Quite large in size so isn’t really that portable


This is a handy, cheap and cheerful non spill dog bowl. It doesn’t secure water as well as the Prestige does, nor can you keep any food or drink in it to store and save for later. If space isn’t a problem and you need a large bowl then maybe this is the one for you.Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Prestige Road Refresher Questions
  2. Silicone Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl Qestions
  3. Youthink Pot System Pet Travel Bowls
  4. PetGear Travel Bowl Questions

Prestige Road Refresher Questions

Is The Prestige Road Refresher BPA Free? Yes it is BPA free.

Will The Prestige Road Refresher Stop My Dog Playing With Water? It will stop your dog playing with it’s water bowl, it has an inner plastic plate/bowl which floats up and down with the water and only leaves a small amount of water on top which means that your dog won’t be able to splash around with it as the majority of water isn’t visible.

Silicone Collapsible Dog Travel Bowl Qestions

Can you feed a dog food from this bowl? Yes you could but it probably wouldn’t fill to the size of a normal meal they eat. These bowls can fit 400ml of liquid which is not probably a full meal for any dog medium or larger.

Is the silicone BPA free? Yes it is BPA free.

Can you put hot food in the collapsible silicone bowl? Yes you can, it’s food grade silicone and BPA free so this means you can wash in a dishwasher too.

Youthink Pot System Pet Travel Bowls

Do these meet food standards and other criteria? Yes they do, materials used are all approved.

Are the pots leak proof? Yes they are, which is the beauty of this pet travel set up, you can leave your dogs wet food in it, which we did and it won’t spill out inside your car.

PetGear Travel Bowl Questions

Can the inside be cleaned easily? Yes, simply click off the non-spill top and you can access all parts of the bowl.

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