Review of Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror

This is a review of the Milenco Grand Convex Caravan Towing Mirror, one of the largest and priciest towing mirrors on the market, we look at whether it is worth paying that little bit more for such a mirror.


Towing Mirror Build

This extra large mirror is built with quality in mind. The screws are made of stainless steel and screw into non corrosive brass inserts. The chrome safety glass of the mirror allows for long lasting durability and seems to be a tried and tested material used with other Milenco products in the past. The build complies with EU safety standards, with strong grip attachment the fixture provides a stable view while towing which you will not get while using a towing mirror that requires straps.

The MIlenco Grand mirrors fit the majority of car makes and models however a consideration would be for cars such as a Mercedes ML which has automatic folding in of its wing mirrors, you want to make sure the towing mirror is secured in the correct position before doing this.

The size being quite large means that once removed from your car they are not the easiest to store away in your car, although they do come with their own blue zipped carry case which is worth wrapping the mirror in a cloth first before packing the mirror into the bag to protect it.

Towing Mirror Design

The mirror shape is a convex shaped mirror, the convex mirrors provide a wider range of view. I have found the convex mirror can have its advantages especially on the drivers side wing mirror. It allows you to see overtaking cars coming along side the caravan. The added extra large size of the Milenco Grand the view is panoramic, this allows you to see the both the top and bottom of your caravan. The concern to think about is that with convex mirrors you may experience some distortion around the edge of the mirror as the mirror is curved.


Pros & Cons

  • These mirrors are extra large
  • Come as a pack of two for both car wing mirrors
  • Comes in a dark blue zipped carry case
  • Provide good visibility and range from mirror
  • They are attached easily
  • Provide no vibration or wobbles to disrupt the image
  • ‘E’ Marked that means it complies with the lastest EU safety legislation
  • Spare parts are easily available if worn after a long period of use
  • They are highly priced
  • Whether convex style mirrors are for you
  • Large in size, not easy to store away.

Conclusion & where to buy

The Milenco Grand is a top rated, with a deserving top price value for caravan lovers. Its size, stability and field of vision means that if you go off with your caravan regularly this will be worth the investment.

Milenco 2912 Grand Aero Mirror XXL Convex Set of 2 with Mirror Bag, 450.0 mm*150.0 mm*170.0 mm

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45 x 17 x 17 cm



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