Review of Auto Glym High Definition Car Wax

Auto Glym, a brand we had heard a lot about, but a product we had yet to use. As with the other tests, we cleaned our car and thoroughly dried it before waxing and then gave it a few weeks to see how it would last and protect the cars paintwork for.


We finally got round to testing an Auto Glym product, this time a car wax which is made up of a combination of carnauba, microcrystallines, natural waxes, saturated hydrocarbons and oils. So all in all, there seems to be a lot more going on in this car wax than the 100% pure carnauba waxes we have tested.

This is the most expensive car wax we have tested, although it isn’t pure carnauba (which we have read about being the best for your car), does seem to be used by a lot of motorists and car enthusiasts out there.

Some info from the product display;

  • Super finish with amazin durability
  • A glorious shine, perfect to show your car off
  • It’s free of all abrasives
  • It is designed to be used on paintwork which still looks good

What do you get with this Auto Glym

  • 1x pot of high definition wax (150g)
  • 2x application sponges
  • 1x hi-tech finishing buffing cloth

What Is It Like To Use?

Well, lets start with how it looked, well, it looked incredible of course, which is to be expected from a high-end car wax. It looked as good, if not better than the other hard carnauba waxes we tested and the liquid one too. It had a deep gloss and perfect shine to it, which really made our light metallic blue Panda look great.

This is the first impression, which we were very very pleased with! We made sure to wax and buff off on a cloudy day, out of direct sunlight and a few hours later it started to rain, so we took another look and the water beaded off perfectly, a sign of a top quality car wax, at first impressions it looked like the best car wax we had tested.

Actually applying the car wax was a different story though, it was harder to buff off and took longer to dry than the other hard car wax we tested. The drying wasn’t too much of a problem, as we could just use the sponge to wipe in new wax on a different part of the car and simply stagger the process of application. This was our final test, so we had built up a good routine and new exactly what we were doing with the buffing, still it took a bit longer to buff off, this may have something to do with the other ingredients in the car wax, making it a little bit harder than the pure carnauba waxes we tested.

How Long Did It Last

We only had this wax on for about 3 weeks, like the others, before we wrote this review, it still looks brand new and like we only applied it yesterday, which is great. Considering the conditions we have driven our car in, the miles we have done and the semi-offroading the Panda has done, we are thoroughly impressed.

The water beading and sheeting is just like it was on the first day we waxed it which is great. We gave the car a wash today, it has bird poo on the top from parking under a tree. It has muddy and grimey wheel arches and car doors from our off road adventures and mucky paws and splatter marks from the dog getting in the boot. After the wash, which might I add was very easy to do, it looked like we had just waxed it.

We are sure that this wax would last at least 2 months, if not more of rough weather, grime and salt and more.

Apparently this should last months, but we just don’t have that sort of time, these reviews have already taken us nearly 3 months to test multiple car waxes.

If you were to apply a new wax every 3 months or more to your car, this little pot should last you years, we barely touched it, although we do have a little Fiat Panda.

Pros & Cons


Conclusion & where to buy

Out of the 4 waxes we tested, this Auto Glym HD Car Wax is the car wax that we will keep on getting out and using on our car. We are thoroughly impressed with it, it was harder to apply than the other three, but the shine, gloss finish and protection it gave us was just slightly more impressive than the carnauba and liquid waxes. Maybe that has something to do with practice and this was our 4th test in a matter of months, but either way, we think this is the best car wax we have used and worth every penny.

Autoglym Ultra High Definition Wax

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30 x 17 x 32 cm


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