Review of Mer Deep Gloss Finishing Wax

This is the first review we have done of a liquid car wax, the Mer Deep Gloss Finishing Wax. It’s a 500ml bottle, polymer based car wax with ‘Auto Shine Technologie’. Like the others, this offers a deep gloss finish and a long lasting protection which repels common contaminants and keeps your paint work looking great.


We hadn’t heard of Mer before, so we did not know what to expect with their products, especially this car wax. It was a good price and wasn’t a hard wax, so thought we could test it to compare to the carnauba and hard car waxes out there that we had already tested.

As with the others, it offers water resistant properties which helps keep grime, contaminants and other muc off of your car, this also means that it is easier to wash clean too, we tested for both of these to see how this brand and liquid car wax does on our little Fiat Panda.

What Did We Receive

We received just the bottle pictured above and no cloth, so you will have to buy your own if you don’t already have one, some sponges would help apply the wax too.

How Was It To Apply

We can’t compare to other liquid car wax but can to some other top of the range hard waxes we have tested on this page. When first applying it to the car, it seemed just like the others we had tried but it dried a little bit harder compared to the wax. It was in a much more solid state as we let it dry and buffed it off, it wasn’t waxy though and more like hard toothpaste. So it was definitely different to apply than the others.

It was harder to remove and then buff off with the second cloth but the shine it gave was impeccable. We were thoroughly satisfied with the beautiful sheeny gloss finish and the water beaded perfectly, a great sign that the liquid car wax had created a seal on top of the cars paint.

We definitely used a lot more of the liquid wax than we did of the hard wax, so there is that to keep in mind. This would maybe only do 2 or 3 applications before it was all finished. Were as with a hard wax, we have done 3 applications already and hardly touched them, they will last a lot longer.

How Long Did The Protective Seal Last

Just like the others, we left it for a few weeks to see how it did. The seal looked like it was still there after about 3 weeks and when we cleaned the car it was quite easy, it was full of muck, bird poo and salt from the roads. It did come across though that the shine wasn’t as deep as the wax alternatives, which is a shame.

We are happy that it still seems water resistant and that the cleaning of the car is still a simple rinse down process, all thanks to the liquid wax by Mer but that glossy finish has diminished a bit. The others we tested looked like they had just been re-waxed after we had washed the car clean.



Pros & Cons

  • Cheaper and more affordable than the carnauba hard car wax alternatives, much cheaper
  • Comes in a liquid form if that is what you are after
  • Shine, gloss finish and protective seal initially look great
  • After a few weeks and washing the car the shine had diminished a bit
  • It was harder to get off when we applied it to the car with a sponge, maybe we left it dry for too long, but the hard car wax did not do this

Conclusion & where to buy

A great car wax, comes in liquid form, unlike the others we tested. It was a little bit harder to apply and buff off as it dried more like a hard shell or dried toothpaste, a bit more elbow grease is required.

The shine and finish look great when first done but it didn’t last as long as the others we tested, maybe a second application might deepen that gloss and help it last longer.

Mer MASFW1 Deep Gloss Finishing Wax 1L

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