Review of Decal Sticker Eyelashes Eyebrows for Car Headlights

As well as the stick on sticky out type (3d) eye lashes for your car headlight, we thought we’d give the decal sticker version a go as well. We know with these that they should last longer and stay on even when driving on motorways and dual carriageways.


We have tested the sticky out real eye lashes and saw these so thought we should test these out as well. We think they look great on our little Panda and they were really easy to fit above our front headlights. They are advertised as headlight eyelashes, but to us they look a little bit like eyebrows, not that we’re complaining, they look great.

To fit them, make sure that the section above your headlights are really clean and completely dry, this way, the vinyl will have its best chance of having a clean and long lasting fit.

The pack came with the stickers on some backing paper, just remove this, then the application tape and then place on your bodywork above the car headlights. These are guaranteed for at least 7 years and we believe they’ll easily last this long, rain or shine.

You could always combine these with the other car headlight eyelashes we have reviewed for a complete front end transformation of your headlights and car.

Pros & Cons

  • Will stay on no matter what speed you are going
  • Cheapest eye lashes you can buy
  • Not as visible as the stick out car lashes

Conclusion & where to buy

Really simple front end car headlight improvement, add to your car in seconds and should last a very long time. Great to spice up your car or brand it inline with your health profession.

BESPORTBLE 1 Pair Car Headlight Eyelashes Stickers Vehicle Eyebrow Car Headlight Self- Adhesive Tape Stickers Car Bumper Body Side Decal for Car Auto Vehicle

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as of April 16, 2024 11:25 pm


20cm x 5cm


Martin Shaw
Martin Shaw

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