Review of Towsure Towing Mirrors Pair

Our review of a pair of Towsure Towing Mirrors, two car mirror extenders used to see around a caravan, trailer or other towed vehicle like a boat.


These mirrors came as a pair, unlike one of the Milenco’s we reviewed and they look great, almost as good looking and sleek as the Milenco Grande. First problem arose when we opened up the packaging, no instructions came in the box. Not a problem for us, we’ve put some of these on before in our other tests you can read on this page.

Luckily after that initial instruction problem, or lack of, there doesn’t seem to be anything else wrong with these car mirror extensions and on our first drive out after fitting them they were completely stable. We didn’t get up to to high of a speed but managed some bumpy back roads around ours and they did very well.

When fitting them, even without instructions, it was pretty simple, these fit on the top of your car mirror, unlike others which fit on the entire back, or bottom of your car mirror.

A lovely bonus which we tested when parking inside a multi-storey car park was that when we tucked our mirrors in, these extender towing mirrors didn’t hit our car windows or the side of the car, so if you don’t want to take them off but need to pull your actual car mirrors in, this should be fine.

Overall, a well built and solid fitting pair of towing mirrors, they don’t come loose at all, even after fitting for the first time and once attached seem to stay attached. The view is very good and you can see behind your caravan, boat or trailer very well with the mirror.

Pros & Cons

  • Once fitted, these will stay on and won’t budge
  • No crazy vibrations or movement when driving about on bumpy roads or at speed
  • Look really nice
  • You can still fold your car mirrors in to keep these out of the way of walls, posts or in tight parking spots
  • Really good price for these towing mirrors
  • No instructions so not the easiest to fit

Conclusion & where to buy

Probably the best you can get for this amount of money, an affordable pair of towing mirrors with great visibility. If you don’t mind working out how to fit them yourself (no instructions), these should work well on nearly all car mirrors and for years to come.

Maypole MP8329 Pair of Convex Caravan Mirrors

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