Single Sloping Dog Crate for Car Boot Review

This is a review of a 2 doored dog cage with sloping walls to help it fit better in a cars boot.


Do you have a large boot and you want to put this in on one side to keep your furry friend safe? This sloping dog crate is shaped so that it sits with the largest length being the depth, so especially good for 4×4 and estate boots, you can put it in and still have space to the other side of your boot.

Like the Ellie Bo we have also checked out, this will fit a medium sized dog up to roughly 20kg, our cocker cross fits in with space to move.

single sloping dog crate for car boot


This is a great cage that comes with a plastic bottom, unlike metal in most of the others. What is really good is that when you fold it up you can carry it with a carry handle that is fitted to the top. Unlike the others, this is a god send when moving it around as the metal bars can really hurt your fingers when carrying from your house to the car or vice versa.

Pros & Cons

  • sloping sides to fit in your cars boot
  • has a carry handle for ease of moving about when folded up
  • because of its slim design you can fit this in to one side of your boot, as long as its wide and deep enough
  • strong and sturdy metal casing

Conclusion & where to buy

This is an excellent product compared to a fabric dog crate, plenty of ventilation because of the way the crate is designed with its metal bars rather than full covering.

You can fold it up and store it away if need be or put it flat in to your boot if a dog doesn’t need to be put inside it. It comes with 2 doors, which is a bit weird as once its in your boot there is only one way it can come out, just make sure to check that your boot lip isn’t too high.

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as of April 23, 2024 3:43 pm


65.5 x 93 x 57.5 x (34cm roof depth)

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