Review of Milenco Aero Flat Towing Caravan Mirrors

This is a review of the Milenco Aero Flat style towing mirrors, a very popular model well suited for towing caravans. Read on for our opinion on the Milenco Aero.


Towing Mirror Build

This single (you only get one) mirror oozes good quality, the screws are excellent quality, made of stainless steel and screw into non corrosive brass inserts. The actual mirror itself is made from a chrome safety glass which means that this mirror is long lasting and will certainly do its job on many adventures you take with your caravan.

To fit the mirror requires no straps, you simply tighten the screws into the rim of the wing mirror at the bottom, be careful when placing it on not to damage your car paintwork. The fixture provides a strong, stable fit, that will sit remain stable at 60 miles per hour and at motorway speeds.

Towing Mirror Design

The mirror shape is a flat shaped mirror, it’s slightly smaller than our main car mirror but it is zoomed slightly which means you see a smaller picture but everything in the picture is bigger, because of the zoom/focus. Personally I find you can judge the distance better this way with flat mirrors in comparison to convex. Generally the main problem with flat mirrors is they can suffer troublesome vibrations if your car tends to vibrate and cause quite a blurred picture. However the Milenco towing mirrors are known to be an exception to this rule due to the tight fastening of the screws in comparison to mirrors attached via straps.


Pros & Cons

  • It can fit on either side of the car
  • Easy to attach
  • Secure and stable vision
  • Small sleek design, easy to store away
  • Good night vision
  • “E” Marked to comply with latest EU Safety legislation
  • Comes as only one mirror not one for both sides
  • Take care not to damage your paintwork when attaching the mirrors.
  • Smaller mirror dimensions provided than that of the Milenco Grande

Conclusion & where to buy

This is a good quality made, long lasting towing mirror that provides a stable view of the end of your caravan, provided at a very reasonable price.

Milenco 1588 Aero MK2 flat caravan mirror, 1 piece

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