Review of Rewire GPS Car Tracker & Personal Tracking Device

Another car tracker, this one by Rewire, which gives you the option of viewing the location of your car or vehicle live by using an online service. This car tracker by Rewire also allows the basic messaging functions which you would expect, which you can run from a pay as you go sim card and keep the costs of running it low.


The rewire nano 102 GPS car tracker and personal tracker is tiny! It’s about the size of a matchbox and this is one of it’s best features. This is why you can use this as a personal tracker, as well as a car or vehicle tracker.

Like other trackers we have reviewed, you can choose to let it run stand alone, with it’s own battery, or by connecting it to a 12v power supply within your car, under your bonnet. This way, you can be assured that the battery will never run out, as long as the battery it is using has a charge as well.


This tracker has the similar messaging functionality of other trackers out there, once you have installed your sim, which we talk about above, you can get location based messages from it to your mobile device and get pin point locations of the vehicle you have left the tracker in.

A feature we have mentioned on another car tracker is the microphone it has built in. If the device is left in a glove box or underneath a seat of your car, when you ring the gps tracker, it will answer the call and you can listen in to what is happening. This may not be a required feature for making sure your car is safe or listening in to thieves but could be good if you wanted to use the tracker for a different requirement. Don’t worry, the tracker is completely silent, it does not have an in built speaker and this little black box will not make any one aware of what is happening. You can silently listen in using your own mobile phone.

Extra Features

This comes with a unique feature, GPSLive platform. By registering when you purchase the security tracker, you can view a live feed on a map through the platform. We were impressed by this and the subscription was not that much, if this feature is something you require it is definately worth it.

Geo fencing is included with this, so you can create a section or area and if the car moves out of this zone, you will be notified.

As well as the above, you can set up notifications or use the GPSLive platform for;

  • Speeding, where you set up a max speed notification.
  • Set up times of the day and if the car or vehicle moves out of these times you will be notified.
  • Total mileage or over a certain time frame, you can get mileage details.
  • You can get the average speed of the vehicle.
  • Once installed, you can get information about the total drive time, so if you require this information and wish to know how long you’ve spent in your car, you can.
  • With the platform, you will have access to the history of your car, where its been, its current location or where it was 3 days ago.
  • When calling you can get a battery % left of the tracker which is great if you want to check it without taking it out of it’s hidden spot.

We didn’t test all of these features but the fact that they exist is great if you require more than just location at a given time.


Small, solid build that comes with a waterproof pouch if you wish to keep it outside of your car. The only downside is that the magnetic part was not very strong, this is a big problem if you require to keep it under the bonnet or somewhere on the external part of your car, it probably would fall off in time.


Do a few tests before you install it in a secret place in your car and take out the sim card and put it in to a spare phone to check it’s credit. This way, with the sim card and plan you choose (pay as you go or contract), you can work out how much the messages cost and that way work out how many updates you can receive on the location before you need to top up. This is one of the biggest problems with the car trackers, which includes this Rewire tracker, once the simcard is in, we couldn’t find a way of finding out how much credit was left using the pay as you go sim we had chosen.

Pros & Cons

  • Very small car tracker so great for hiding in any part of your car or vehicle.
  • Only payment is for the messaging from the sim card you install in to it, you can though choose to have a GPSLive subscription which is a great feature
  • Very easy to install, no wires or cables, anyone can do it
  • Battery does not last that long, you might be able to get 2 weeks out of it with limited updates back to your phone.

Conclusion & where to buy

A great little car gps tracker by Rewire, we are very impressed with it, we just used a Giffgaff pay as you go sim card which came with a £5 credit. This was enough to keep us going and get details sent to our phone on the tracker/cars location. We would like it if the battery lasted longer so we could keep it in the car.

Rewire Security Eco Track GPS Tracker - Real Time, Self Install, Cost Effective, Economical Vehicle Car tracking device for Fleet, Car, Van, Caravan, Motorbike, Motorcycle

as of May 4, 2024 9:05 pm


1.8 x 0.7 x 2.5 cm


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