Review of Terra Hiker Compact Sleeping Bag

This is a review of the Terra Hiker Compact Sleeping Bag, how will it be for storing in your car in case of an emergency.


The Terra Hiker sleeping bag was taken out on a recent road trip (June). I have to say we were blessed with lovely sunshine for the trip. The Terra Hiker is very small and compact in size at 10.24 inches by 6.3 inches when folded up. This allowed us to pack it neatly under our car seat it could very easily be or stored into the boot without any inconvenience.

Once unfolded the sleeping bag reaches a size of 76.77 by 33.46 inches. Our exhausted friends used the Terra Hiker on the back seat to fall asleep with while waiting for a ferry to arrive, it covered two people happily and snuggly warm sending them right to sleep. Made of nylon and cotton, the sleeping bag is not thick with material therefore would not really suit winters in the UK but for summer travel and even camping trips or summer festivals it would be more than perfect for. I have to say I then used the sleeping bag waiting for the ferry on the return journey sat in the front seat. The dual action zippers allowed easy getting into when not having much availability to move. This also means if you bought another one you could attach it to make an even bigger blanket!

Terra Hiker Compact Sleeping Bag

The sleeping bag is also water resistant while also allowed us to use it as a picnic blanket to sit at several stops along our road trip. When it comes to packing it away it is all very simple compared to your average sleeping bag, the size of the compression storage bag allows you to push it in tie it closed and with the compression straps will tighten it to nearly two thirds the size.

Terra Hiker Compact Sleeping Bag



Pros & Cons

  • Easy to carry
  • 5 colour choices
  • Ultra light in weight
  • Can also be used as a quilt
  • Dual zipper option allows for ease of use
  • Easy to pack away
  • Available next day delivery on Amazon Prime
  • Packs away very small
  • Not very thick

Conclusion & where to buy

This small compact sleeping bag by Terra Hiker is quite the little beauty! With its easy use and pack away ability and providing a lovely warm environment to sleep in while enjoying the British summer or in case of an emergency and you need to spend the night in your car.

Update: While this particular reviewed product might no longer be available, we recommend the sleeping bag below.

HEWOLF Envelope Camping Sleeping Bag - Compact Lightweight Waterproof 4 Season Adults Sleeping Bag with Compression Sack for Camping Hiking Backpacking - (190+30)×75cm (10°C-15°C(1.6KG)-Left)


10.24 in x 6.3 in (folded up) 76.77 in by 33.46 in (unfolded)



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