Check Out The List Of Some Highly Anticipated 2018 – 19 Toyota Upcoming Cars

After giving us its two new generation cars Innova Crysta and the facelift Toyota Fortunner, and then coming out with its range of eco friendly cars, the new Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry hybrid, the company has some big plans for the coming 2018-19 as well. The line up of the company comprises of some new and advanced cars, through which it is hoping to carve a place for itself in the compact SUV and mid sized sedan section as well.

The company has giant plans for entering into these new car section and below is a list of cars through which the company is hoping to start ruling the compact SUV and mid sized sedan space in the car industry:


Toyota Alphard Hybrid MPV


This car is expected to be one of the most expensive cars of Toyota. This car has been planned based on the extreme success that Innova Crysta has seen. The looks of the Innova Crysta would be refined further for giving Toyota Alphard Hybrid MPV a bolder exterior look. The cabin of the car would also be revamped to make it more upmarket. To justify the price, the technology used in the car would be highly advanced, and designed to offer greater comfort to the passengers. Some of the advanced features available in this car would include automatic climate control, touchscreen infotainment system, power operated panoramic sunroof, etc. The engine in the new car would be the same that is being used in the Camry model.

Toyota Alphard Hybrid MPV Photo Gallery :


Toyota Avanza (MPV)


This model would be somewhere between Toyota Innova and Etios models by the same company. This car is going to be a mixture of SUV and MUV. The company is extremely serious about this model and is doing a lot of research and testing for the same. The car is going to be a 7 seater and offer a lot of boot space. This car is expected to compete with some of the top cars in the SUV and MUV range and therefore, the company is not making any compromises with respect to the looks or performance of the car. The date of launch for this car is yet to be announced, but we can hope for it to hit the markets somewhere in 2018.

Toyota Avanza (MPV) Photo Gallery :


Toyota CH-R


This car is going to hit the compact SUV segment and the company is hoping it to be one of its most important offerings to its customers. This model is going to be build on Toyota’s New Global Architecture (TNGA) Platform. Some of the important specifications and features of the car include:

  • Engine fitted with a 1.2 liter turbo charged petrol, giving a power of 113bhp and 184Nm torque.
  • Hybrid version would have an engine of 1.8 liter TSI unit, which would be paired with an electronic motor.
  • 6 speed manual and 6 speed automatic gearbox would be available.

Toyota CH-R Photo Gallery :


Toyota Vios                   

After the failure of the Toyota Etios, the company would be launching Toyota Vios and is hoping for this car to create the magic that the company needs to successfully enter the mid sized sedan section. However, the launch of this car does not mean that the Japanese company would be discontinuing the sale of Toyota Etios. Etios will continue to be available at a cheaper rate, while the new Toyota Vios would be available as a premium car in this section. Several testings of the car have already been done, and the car is available for purchase in some Southeast Asian markets already. The car would have two engine options, thus allowing the customers to choose between the petrol and the diesel version of the car. 5 speed manual and a 4 speed automation transmission option would also be available in this car. It is also rumored that the company may come out with a hybrid version of the car as well. The cabin of the car is going to be spacious and for the safety of the passengers, dual front airbags and ABD would be fitted in the car. The designing of the car is similar to Camri and Corolla models.

Toyota Vios Photo Gallery :


Toyota Yaris


In addition to the many midsized cars that we can expect from this Japanese company in the upcoming year, the company is also going to gift us a B+ hatchback.  Yaris is going to be available in both diesel and petrol models, and customers will also have the choice of manual and automatic gears as well. This car is still in the development phase, and therefore, predicting its launch date would be a little difficult at this stage, but the company is hoping to hit the markets by car in the year 2018-19. The design for this car will be similar to C-HR Crossover, which is yet another upcoming model of the company. The looks of this car are going to be aggressive and the interior would have some very advanced technological features fitted, giving the driver and the passenger absolutely comfort.

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