Review of Autogym Car Glass Polish & Fast Glass

    This is a review of both the Autoglym Car Glass Polish and Fast Glass spray. We are reviewing both in one article because after testing, we have realised, although they do slightly different things, they work perfectly together.

    auto glym car glass polish


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    Self Inflating
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    Auto Glym
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    What is the difference between Autoglym Fast Glass and Car Glass Polish?

    Autoglym Fast Glass is better suited to the inside of your car, to clean and polish the interior glass, glass that should already be relatively clean, compared to the outside that is. It comes in spray form and after testing we realised it doesn't cut through bird droppings, resin or dirt as well as the Autoglym Car Glass Polish. Though it still did a great job of making the windows look crystal clear and remove finger marks and other things easy enough.

    Autoglym Car Glass Polish is more like the Meguliar glass cleaner we tested, it is thorough and gets through dirt, much, bird poo and more without any problems. That is why we recommend it's use outside of your car windows where you will see more muck.

    Now you know, lets look at the in more details individually.

    autoglym fast glass car cleaner


    After applying this polish in the same fashion as we have the others, we were pretty impressed. We used this both on the outside and inside of the car glass to see how well it would work and also hold up after a few days use, with it raining, and use of wiper blades.

    Because we get a lot of bird muck on our cars windows, it had a tough test ahead of it and it was one it struggled with. It did leave streaks on the window and this was using quite a bit of spray, we knew it wouldn't do too well after reviewing the online reviews we had read about the product.

    On the inside though, it applied well, cleaned off easy enough and was really easy to use. We were quite happy with the results and it looked like the inside had been cleaned thoroughly. We later used the Autoglym Car Glass Polosh to finish off the job on the outside, but once we did the whole glass looked crystal clear.

    The Autoglym Car Glass Polish is definitely better suited to dirtier car glass, it was used after the Fast Glass to finish off its job on the outside and would also suit being used on the inside too. On Amazon UK at the moment the Fast Glass is slightly more expensive, but you do get more (500ml compared to 325ml) in the bottle. We would though recommend you either get both and use one for the inside and one for the outside or you just stick to the Car Glass Polish if you are constantly getting dirty windows.

    • Both do a job very well and there are definitely more expensive solutions out there.
    • Easy to apply and remove any excess
    • Leave the cars glass crystal clear, if you dont have very dirty windows, even the Fast Glass will clean the inside and out well
    • The Fast Glass struggled with our extremely dirty car windows, we had leaves, bird droppings and more on them.
    • You may be better buying the Meguliar which does both jobs the Autoglym does

    Both are good products, and we would place the Autoglym Car Glass Polish as the better of the two. It will cut through most muck and leave your windows lovely and clean.

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