Ford Expedition 2018 – Features, Price, Release Date, Rumors, Interior Exterior

Ford Expedition 2018 – Features, Price, Release Date, Rumors, Interior Exterior

The Ford Expedition is an 8 seater full – size SUV firstly launched in 1997. The redesigned 2018 model will stand as the second generation Expedition from Ford. It will incorporate the eye – catching features of Ford’s F-150. There has been a significant change in the body, its composition, and fresh added 40 features along with driver – assist technologies which are all gathering attention from car lovers. It will be made available in XLT, Limited, Platinum, and XL versions with rear – or four – wheel drive configurations as option. The Ford also offers extended Expedition Max, which is approximately 8 inches longer.
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Ford Expedition 2018 Engine

  The 2018 model of Expedition envisages an engine of 3.5 litre turbocharged V6 EcoBoost paired with 10 – speed automatic transmission that is operated via a rotary knob. The present towing capacity of Ford Expedition is 9200 pounds and Ford has claimed to improvise it further in this upcoming model of Expedition. The car will offer a Terrain Management System to its buyers which will include normal, sport, tow, eco, sand, snow and mud settings to comply with the terrain conditions.

Ford Expedition 2018 Interior and Exterior

The car exteriors have been thoughtfully worked upon. The 2018 Ford Expedition’s body is made of lighter material, aluminium to make it weigh lighter and improve its efficiency. This body – on – frame car has made it possible for the car to shed off 300 pounds. The 2018 Ford Expedition will make a mark as the longest aluminium – bodied vehicle ever produced. The 2018 model has been made four inches longer to its previous generation model. There is a panorama roof above the first two rows of seat. The headlights have been beautifully incorporated into the large grille. The Expedition is the only Ford vehicle to receive active shocks. The wheels are being made available with options of 18-, 20-, 22- and 17- inch alloy wheels. The Cargo Management System makes the car viable for users requiring huge cargo space. With foldable second and third rows, the car gets a massive space for cargo carrying experience. The 2018 Expedition promises easy and quick entry to second and third rows with sliding second – row seat that tips forward for access into the third row. The car owns a 360 degree camera that helps to offer Blind Spot Monitoring System, Cross – Traffic Alert System, Lane Keeping, Forward Collision Warning System and Adaptive Cruise Control. There is a huge centre storage bin and 17 cup – holders which adds to the convenience factor of the car. There is an in-vehicle WiFi which can afford to make 10 devices run simultaneously. There is availability of charging system for every passenger with four 12 – volt power outlets, six USB ports, a 110 – volt outlet, and wireless charging. It has Sync 3 which is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It may be used to pair 12 – speaker audio system as well which will redefine surround sound feature. There are screens mounted at the back of first row seats as an added infotainment feature.

Ford Expedition 2018 Price and Release Date

It is expected to be launched in late 2017 as a 2018 model with a price range between $47,000 for the base model to $80,000 for the high end model.  

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