2019 Honda Pilot Rumors, Features, Price ( Concept Images, Redesign) Release Date

The Good And The Bad Changes In The 2019 Honda Pilot

It was just back in 2015 that the current model of the Honda Pilot, which we currently see on the roads, was launched. Therefore, it is not a very old car and hence, not many of us expected an upgrade of the same to be offered by the company any time soon. However, there have been rumors that the company is planning a new 2019 model of the same with a few technological changes and some facelift. The new model is being considered as a midlife refresh model of the car.

Although not many changes are expected in the new model, it is believed that the new 2019 Honda Pilot would be much faster than the current model and even exceed the expectations of the customers. There are going to be some changes in the design of the car as well to give it a meaner and a more modern appearance. Overall, the company plans on offering a better value for money to its customers with this new launch.

Like ever new launch, there are some of the changes which make us happy, while there are a few complaints that we have from the same. On the basis of the sneak peek that we managed to get of the car, there were some very good and attractive features that we noticed in the car;

  • The first thing that struck us was all the space that was available in the car. The new car offers a huge cabin space and is very comfortable for 5 people.
  • A lot of new technology and equipments have been in added to the car, making its controls automatic and very advanced.
  • The company promises the car to be much faster than the current car, and this is proved by the great acceleration that the car offers.
  • Another very good feature of the car is that it is a very quiet car. When driving the same at very high speeds, there is hardly any noise that the car makes, making it fun to ride in the car.

However, there is one big problem that we noticed in the car and that is with regards to the new touch screen controls added to the car. They are extremely complicated to use, and hence, in some ways, actually hinder the driving experience, rather than adding to the fun of the same.

Some of the highlight features and changes in the new 2019 Honda Pilot are as follows:

  • Just like it happens with all midlife facelifts in car, this car too will be sharing its platform with the current version of Pilot available in the market.
  • A new running gear is expected to be added to the car, to provide it more speed and power. With this new gear, the problems that are experienced with the current Pilot, when driving the same at high speeds, will get eradicated completely and give a smooth and comfortable drive even at very high speed levels.
  • The shock absorbers in the car will be made better.
  • The safety systems in the car will also be adjusted and upgraded.
  • Many new advanced technological features like the frontal collision system, avoidance system, active lane keep assist, lane departure warning, etc. will become a part of the standard set of controls present in the car, making this new 2019 Honda Pilot safer.
  • An off-road version of the car would be launched in addition to the on road version of the car. This off road version will come with higher ground clearance, provided by the revised springs, rims, and new tire sets. The skid pads in this off road version would also be new and offer greater protection to the car.
  • As far as the exterior appearance of the car is concerned, the new car will come with a new front end and the headlight set would be slimmer. The grill will be smaller and a new bumper would be added to the car. The rear will only be receiving a set of tail lights.
  • The car’s gear lever will most likely be discontinued and would be replaced by a rotary knob. This will free up a lot of space on the center console of the car.
  • The V6 engine in the car would remain the same, however, the transmission will be changed. The 6 speed and 9 speed gearbox will disappear and they will be replaced by Honda’s brand new 10 speed gearbox. This new gearbox is lighter and faster than the old gearboxes. Since the gearbox is designed by Honda itself, therefore, it would also help in reducing the cost of the car as well.

2019 Honda Pilot Price and Release Date :

The price of the car is not expected to be increased by the company, and it would continue to be available below $32000. Thus, it will continue to be the cheapest car available in its class. While the company has not announced any official release or launch date for the car, but as per the rumors, you can expect this car to hit the markets by the end of 2018.

2019 Honda Pilot Photo Gallery :

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